Volunteer Appreciation Week – Our Leukemia Cup Regatta Volunteer!

Today’s volunteer for Volunteer Appreciation Week works with our Leukemia Cup Regatta campaign – Chris Kostanecki! Chris is our Leukemia Cup Regatta Committee Co-Chair and an Honorary Skipper!

Chris was diagnosed in 1995 with a very rare form of lymphoma – anaplastic t-cell lymphoma. A survivor for 19 years, Chris and his children Nicholas (12) and Sophie (14) celebrate his survivorship together by competing in the Leukemia Cup Regetta every year on their J/70 sailboat named “Jennifer.” Chris says, “The LLS mission is a cause near and dear to me for obvious reasons. I support and fundraise for LLS every year. I enjoy the connection and being able to support other patients when they face challenges during diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Watching the Leukemia Cup Regatta grow with the support of The San Francisco Yacht Club, committee members, VIP speakers and the Bay Area sailing community is exciting and I am honored to be part of this amazing regatta.”

LCR - Chris Kostanecki with Ainslie

Here’s Chris (left) and his wife, Jennifer Kostanecki, with Sir Ben Ainslie at the 2013 Leukemia Cup Regatta VIP Dinner.

Chris is a member of the San Francisco Yacht Club and has raced in every single one of our Leukemia Cup Regattas (2006-2013).  To date, he’s raised a grand total of $75,015 for LLS!

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One Response to Volunteer Appreciation Week – Our Leukemia Cup Regatta Volunteer!

  1. OBrien, Emily (Greater Bay Area) says:

    Great job on all of these, Nicolette!

    Emily O’Brien
    (415) 625-1145

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