How to earn TNT fundraising dollars and help cancer researchers

Blog_Leukolab logoLeukoLab has been a Team In Training sponsor since 2012 and their doctors and nurses have been collecting blood cells from healthy donors for over 15 years. LeukoLab was established to provide biotech companies and academic institutions with a reliable source of blood products for the development of cancer treatments and other therapies.

If you qualify, you can become a member of their donor pool and donate blood and/or bone marrow samples repeatedly, at safe intervals, for which you will be generously compensated each time (ranging from $35-$850 per donation). You will be paid directly by check and you may choose to have a portion or all of this money go towards your Team In Training fundraising efforts!

Blog_Karla Vasquez_LeukolabSpecial thanks and congratulations to Team In Training participant Karla Vazquez, who just completed America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride in Tahoe. That’s a Century Ride – 100 miles! This was her first event with TNT and she joined to support her 12-year-old nephew who battled leukemia for six years and is now in remission. On top of raising money on behalf of LLS she has also donated her blood for researchers working on therapies in these areas!

Your single donation can support up to 50 different research projects – help researchers spend less time looking for donors and more time on results.

To learn more, visit, or call (510) 521-7400 ext. 280 and mention that you are a Team In Training participant. Leukolab is conveniently located near the Oakland Airport in Alameda. Go Team!


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