Celebrate Two Anniversaries with TNT

Nike_womens-_Marathon_coursemap-590x330The Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco is the largest women’s marathon in the world (although men are invited too!) and the 2013 run will be the 10th anniversary of the event. The random draw opens on June 3rd…but why wait? Be part of history and celebrate the 10th Nike Women’s Marathon along with the 25th Anniversary of Team In Training.  Joining the Team guarantees your race entry spot! And let’s not forget all the extra special touches: breathtaking views of the city, including Union Square and the Pacific Ocean, and tuxedo-clad San Francisco Firemen ready to greet you at the finish line with your Tiffany & Co. official finisher necklace. Sign up to participate or learn more here.

Kick-off for our Fall Season was mid-May, and for the entire month of June you are invited to be our guest at a FREE workout with the Team. This is a great way to experience our amazing program first-hand, meet our professional coaches, and see what Team In Training is all about! To find a run, walk, cycle, or triathlon workout near you, check out our info page. We have an incredible list of events for Fall in addition to the Nike Women’s Marathon, so be sure to see where we’re heading.

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