Team In Training: A recipe for a love

Last year I wrote a post called “A match made by Team In Training” featuring three couples who met through Team In Training. (Yes, spandex, sweat and all – it happens.) And it actually happens quite often. In the TNT world, like-minded individuals bonding over a shared physical and emotional experience is a well-known recipe for romance.

“A match made by Team In Training” was a huge hit, so much so, that I was asked last February if it could become an annual thing. With the request already on the table, I sought out some new matches. So here’s a double dose of Valentine’s Day warm fuzzies (in the couple’s own words) brought to you by the people who walk, swim, bike, run and hike to create a world without cancer.

TNT couple_Melissa and ChadChad Vernon & Melissa Dimalanta
Newly engaged, getting married June 2014
Chad and Melissa’s story starts in the summer of 2010. Chad was in his third season with the TEAM and volunteering as the training captain for the San Francisco Marina/Marin run team. Melissa was brand new to TNT and training for the Nike Women’s Marathon on the San Francisco Golden Gate run team. Their paths crossed during the combined long run workouts throughout the season.

Chad: During our long runs, I was always setting up and coordinating water stops and Melissa claims I never talked to her. My excuse is that I was shy and had water stop duties to take care. Melissa says that when she first saw me, she thought I was too cool for school.

Melissa: Throughout the season I noticed this good-looking guy and after runs he would converse with all of the runners but would never say hi. I thought I had no chance of meeting this fine fellow and my world was shattered.

Melissa and Chad made their connection at a TEAM end-of season celebration.

Melissa: Our teammate, Patty, was like Chad’s “wingman.” She was so sweet and encouraged him to invite me to a Halloween party he was throwing.

TNT couple_Melissa and Chad proposalChad: We exchanged digits and I then had a hot date for my Halloween party. She showed up as a butterfly and I was the Cheshire cat. We hit it off and spent the next two years dating, our relationship strengthened by our mutual love of Dumb and Dumber and fitness.

This past Christmas, our families got together at Melissa’s family’s Christmas party. It was a good-sized group (Melissa has a large family with about 30 members). At the end of a white elephant gift-giving session, I got up with a karaoke microphone and proposed to Melissa in front of everyone. I think then I blacked out for about five minutes or so because I don’t remember much else besides a lot of screaming and tears of joy.

TNT couple_Katie and DavidKatie Murray & David Berman
Newlyweds, married in November 2012
Katie and David’s friends say they were the “last to know about each other.” The two met at the end of summer in 2010 at a TNT training run. At the time, Katie was a mentor and David was a participant. On that serendipitous day, they learned a lot about each other as they ran together: both of their first marathons were with Team In Training at the San Diego Rock ‘N Roll Marathon and they were both currently training for the Honolulu Marathon. They became friends and returned to the TEAM the following season to train for the Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage.

“It had crossed my mind many times what a great guy David is, but it took time for me to admit it,” recalls Katie.

The pair planned a post-marathon, tour of Alaska trip with their TNT friends and it was on that trip that they realized they wanted to date. The following January (2012), they got engaged. David proposed to Katie on the dock after one of her rowing practices in front of her rowing team.

“We knew pretty quickly into dating that we wanted to get married. We both love the fall, so we decided to get married on November 17, 2012, says Katie. “We will always be involved with LLS and Team In Training. David just joined the Ultra Team and will be running the Tahoe 50K in July. We are so grateful to have made such wonderful friends and met each other through Team In Training.”

Congratulations and thank you to both of our TNT couples for sharing their stories.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s not too late to join the TEAM for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in D.C., the Pacific Crest Marathon or Triathlon in Oregon or any other of our great summer events. Who knows you may just meet your match! Visit to learn more.


About Megan Kilkenny

LLS Sr. Director, Marketing Communication Team In Training Alum Three-time Nike Women's Half Marathon finisher
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2 Responses to Team In Training: A recipe for a love

  1. Carol Epstein says:

    Congratulations to these and the other TNT lovebirds. I’m wondering how it could be that after 7 seasons of TNT including 4 half marathons, three Olympic triathlons, four seasons of mentoring and three seasons as a captain I didn’t meet these couples. I may need to sign up for a century, hike or cross country ski event and I might even meet my soul-mate on a bike ride. Gotta love TNT and this great cause. Love is just a side benefit. I love my TNT friends. Go team!

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks for creating this Megan!

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