Pennies by the thousands

Stratford School – Fremont Curtis’ jog-a-thon.

What does $420,330 in spare change look like?

  • If you were to put 420,330 pennies end to end, they would circle a school track roughly 12 times.
  • Stack 420,330 pennies and you have the height of the San Francisco St. Regis on top of the Transamerica Pyramid.
  • And in LLS terms, it’s approximately four researchers advancing new and improved blood cancer treatments and saving thousands of lives in the process.

This year we had an incredible 394 schools participate in Pennies For Patients, LLS’s in-classroom fundraising program for kids K-12. Creativity abounded this year. In addition to some serious spare change collecting, there were school-wide jog-a-thons, pie throwing contests and pig-kissing challenges (that would be the school principal kissing a pig). In the process, the kids learned to be positive, thoughtful and active members of their communities.

Congratulations to all of our Pennies For Patients schools! We are so proud of you!

And a drum roll please for our top 25…

25. East Bay Arts High School, Hayward, $3,058
24. King Middle School, Hayward, $3,060
23.  Donlon Elementary School, Pleasanton, $3,137
22. Vacaville High School, Vacaville, $3,366
21. John M. Gomes Elementary, Fremont $3,405
20. John M. Horner Jr. Elementary, Fremont, $3,483
19. Cambridge Elementary School, Concord, $3,505
18. Twin Creeks Elementary School, San Ramon, $3,607
17. Forest Park Elementary School, Fremont, $3,698
16. Parkside Elementary School, Pittsburg, $3,784
15. Canyon Middle School, Castro Valley, $3,843
14. Phoebe Apperson Hearst Elementary School, Pleasanton, $3,879
13. Bohannon Middle School, San Lorenzo, $3,933
12. Walnut Heights Elementary School, Walnut Creek, $4,030
11. Angelo Rodriguez High School, Fairfield, $4,039
10. Arroyo Seco Elementary School, Livermore, $4,045
9. John Muir Middle School, San Leandro, $4,163
8. Sleepy Hollow Elementary School, Orinda, $4,273
7. Iron Horse Middle School, San Ramon, $4,411
6. Star of the Sea Elementary School, San Francisco, $4,500
5. Wade Thomas, San Anselmo, $4,715
4. West Portal Lutheran School, San Francisco, $6,257
3. St. Vincent De Paul Elementary School, Petaluma, $6,374
2. Stratford School – Fremont Curtis, Fremont, $7,765
1. Pleasanton Middle School, Pleasanton, $9,102 (Simply incredible!)

Interested in getting your child’s school involved in Pennies For Patients? Contact us at 415.625.1133 or


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LLS Sr. Director, Marketing Communication Team In Training Alum Three-time Nike Women's Half Marathon finisher
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