The Men of Nike Women’s Marathon

Being that it’s the grandfather (or, perhaps, the grandmother) of all TNT events, it’s no surprise that the excitement level ramps up when Nike Women’s Marathon season rolls around. Each October, over 4,000 TNTers from across the country descend upon San Francisco to join the thousands of athletes who participate in this amazing event—most of them being women.  Shocking, we know.

A beautiful sight: Nike Women’s Marathon finisher necklaces waiting to be claimed. What do the Men of Nike do with theirs?

The Nike Women’s Marathon weekend is full of female friendly fun. There’s a ladies night to kick off the event weekend, a mani-pedi bar at the Expotique (yes, even the expo has a fancy name), and not to mention, the Tiffany finisher necklace that is handed out by tuxedo-clad fireman at the finish line. It’s no surprise that over 30,000 women annually enter the lottery for this phenomenal event.

But, every year there are a handful of men who are brave enough to don a neon pink finisher dri-fit. Or, maybe they’re just smarter than the average endurance event-addicted male.  Where else would you find 20,000 women in one place, wearing spandex?

A male TNTer surrounded by ladies at the Nike Women’s Marathon.

We asked All-Bay walk team Mentor Dennis Ainslie, Marina/Marin marathon team participant Bob Gibson, and Diablo Valley marathon Mentor Ben Chaffin to tell us their reasons why its their event of choice. Their answers were both hilarious and inspiring:

10. Since it’s a local event, I am able to do my core workout by hefting bags of ice from the Ocean Beach Safeway to my house nearby.
9.  My wife ran it last year and said it was one of the most amazing races she has ever competed in.  She is doing it again this year and I want to run against, I mean, with her.
8.  This will be my 1st half marathon so I thought it would be fun to be in the minority and run with the ladies.
7.  I can’t wait to hear the comments I get when I wear my neon yellow finisher dri-fit from last year.
6.  I get to run with my 15-year-old daughter who loves her bling.  This will be our fourth year!
5.  Hello, over 18,000 women and me? I’m married, but not blind!
4.  The Tiffany finisher necklaces are great to collect but make even better gifts–all ladies love turquoise!
3.  To tighten the bond my wife and I made with our TNT teammates from last year, all while saving lives at the same time.
2.  I get to run in honor of my father who passed away last year from myelofibrosis and leukemia.  The date of the event this year (October 14, 2012) ironically falls the day after his birthday.

And the #1 reason why men participate in Nike: they love running in a sea of purple, knowing that they are playing a big part in finding a cure.

While Dennis himself keeps hoping that there will be “some Firewomen in tea-length dresses” to present him with his turquoise box at the finish line, we’re not sure that’s happening anytime soon. These men show that they run or walk for a much bigger reason than being outnumbered by thousands of women. They train selflessly in honor of those they love and to help blood cancer patients lead better lives…and it certainly doesn’t bother them if they do it while wearing pink.

Find your inner athlete and train with the Team for the sold out Nike Women’s Half Marathon or any of our other incredible  events.  Call 800.78.TRAIN to speak with someone in our office or visit to find out more.  Teams are forming now all over the Bay Area!


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