What’s in a volunteer? In one word, dedication.

For those of you who may not have caught it on Monday, it’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week! And we think our volunteers are the BEST! Thank you for supporting LLS and giving us your time, your talents and your passion. We truly appreciate all that you do for us and the patients we serve!

My goal with this week’s Truly Relentless posts is to illustrate just how wonderfully diverse and dedicated LLS volunteers are. On Monday, I highlighted one of our longest-running patient support groups and the incredible women who facilitate it. Today, I turn to the fundraising side of things. Thanks to all of you, our chapter is poised to raise more than $9 Million this year.

2012 Man & Woman of the Year Candidate Campaign Managers
Behind nearly every Man & Woman of the Year candidate, there’s a rockstar campaign manager. Often these are the folks driving their candidate’s fundraising strategy execution. This can include coordinating volunteers and committee members, planning incredible events, garnering donations of all types, generating buzz, blitzing the media, attending incredible events, working their networks and attending even more events.

It’s a non-stop job for ten, very intense weeks and it takes a special kind of person to do it. Currently, we are in week three of ten.

So here’s an uber appreciative thank you to Sharon Morrison, Troy Tazbaz, Marina Arandjelovic, Joy Liu, Donna Gariss, Megan White, Bianca Velishek, Jimmie Lopez, Christina Resasco, Giancarlo Vega!

Adam Gelling & Giant
Last night, Team In Training celebrated top fundraisers and corporate teams with a VIP reception at the City Club of San Francisco. Among those honored was Giant Partner & Chief Strategic Officer, Adam Gelling, and the Giant team. Giant received a special spirit award for its ongoing partnership with LLS and raising $40,000 through its participation in the Big Sur Half Marathon and the Nike Women’s Marathon with TNT. Adam, is a member of TNT’s Executive Leadership Committee and will be attending the National LLS Volunteer Leadership Conference next week on behalf of our chapter.

David Bevilacqua
Waldenstroms Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor
Team In Training Honoree, David Bevilacqua fell in love two years ago – with the TEAM! Seven TNT events and $18,000 later, he is now taking on his “Dream Marathon,” aka The New York City Marathon with his sister and the National TNT Flex Team. David’s story of perseverance and passion is awe-inspiring. And he has the most amazing positive outlook in life – you can’t help but affected by it. (Spoiler alert! The endurance event “bucket list” he has planned for this year and next is sure to knock your socks off.) 


About Megan Kilkenny

LLS Sr. Director, Marketing Communication Team In Training Alum Three-time Nike Women's Half Marathon finisher
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