Michelle shows us her grit

These days natural is “in.” Celebrities like professional tennis player Serena Williams and Supermodel Brooklyn Decker are taking to the internet to proudly show off what they look like first thing in the morning sans primping.

For TNTers natural is well, “natural.” Sweat, salt, grease, dirt – they’re all TNT badges of honor that show a person’s level of commitment to the TEAM and the cause.

Man & Woman of the Year Campaign Manager and TNT SF/Marin Tri Team member, Michelle Flatley, will be taking on her first triathlon in just a couple of weeks. When we started the TNT #Show Us Your Grit Facebook & Twitter contest, I asked her if she would share photos of herself at her grittiest. What I got was a delightful account of her first practice triathlon and a wonderful illustration of what it means to get gritty for the cause.  Here are her thoughts (literally).

A gritty and estatic Michelle beams after completing her practice triathlon.

The Swim
Whoa. This water is not just cold, it’s freezing. My hands and feet are stinging, my heart is pounding and my wetsuit is squeezing me like a sausage. A little bit of panic. PANIC. Okay, just take a second. Catch your breath. Calm. Breathe. One arm at a time. There’s the rhythm. Faster, faster. Thank goodness the water in Hawaii is much warmer and I won’t have to wear a wetsuit!

The Bike
Shoot! I wish I knew how to clip in. If I ever do a tri again, I have got to learn how to go clipless. WOW! Tiburon is so beautiful. The water. The homes. The beautiful ocean views. I wish I could buy a house with a view here.

The Run
Okay, digging deep now. Keep it up. Just keep running. Don’t think about how nice it would be to walk right now. No. No walking. Just keep running. Think about your honorees. Gosh, I am so proud to be part of the TEAM and doing this. I put five months of training into this! Check me out! I am doing this thing! Ignore those aches and pains and just keep going. My honorees went through tougher physical challenges than this. I certainly can take this on. Bring on race day. I am so going to celebrate with a lavaflow.

Many thanks Michelle for sharing! We will be cheering you on as you take on the Lavaman Triathlon on April 1, 2012!

And check out the #Show Us Your Grit action on Facebook and Twitter – our TNTers are having fun and getting gritty for the cause!


About Megan Kilkenny

LLS Sr. Director, Marketing Communication Team In Training Alum Three-time Nike Women's Half Marathon finisher
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