Blood Cancer Advances Highlighted in San Francisco

New developments in blood cancer treatment took center stage this past week in San Francisco.  On January 21st, a record 700 patients and families gathered for the 7th Annual “Emerging Therapies for Blood Cancer Patients” conference, sponsored by the San Francisco and Silicon Valley Chapters of LLS.  On the agenda—an update on all the research presented at the American Society for Hematology meeting last month.

The conference is a chance to hear first-hand about developments in better treatment, new clinical trials, and how the world of blood cancer treatment is evolving.  Physicians and researchers from UCSF and Stanford spent the morning explaining the most exciting clinical research results to a diverse audience.  Some attendees had participated in this annual conference all seven years while others were attending for the first time, having just been diagnosed earlier this month.

What does all this mean for patients? LLS strives to bring the latest information to patients so they will be able to advocate for themselves and get the best care possible.  One attendee credits the conference with saving her life. 

“I found my doctor and got on a clinical trial that saved my life all because I attended this conference. I would have never known what questions to ask or what was available if it were not for this program,” said Marin survivor Suzanne.

Thanks to all who support LLS and make events like this possible!

Harriet Patterson is the Patient Services Manager for the Greater San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. She can be reached at 415.581.1164 or For more information about LLS patient programs and services, visit

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3 Responses to Blood Cancer Advances Highlighted in San Francisco

  1. Leah S. says:

    Having experienced this event for the first time this year as a volunteer, it was absolutely amazing to see such a phenomenal program in action. Congratulations to the teams in the San Francisco & Silicon Valley chapter who were responsible for pulling off such an incredible day!

  2. Tiffany O'Neil says:

    Thanks for sharing Harriet and for your support of our mission.

  3. Lindsay Gage says:

    Congratulations on such an amazing event, Harriet ( and Kayley and Joyce!). I was bummed I couldn’t attend this year but am so glad to hear it was such a success.

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