Top Ten Nike Faves

Last week we asked our Facebook fans and Team In Training alumni what they liked the most about the Nike Women’s Marathon.

Here’s YOUR top ten Nike Faves. Drum roll please…

10. The picturesque course that showcases the beauty of San Francisco.

9. Indulging in a little pampering at the Expotique with your closest TNT friends.

8. The TNT inspiration dinner: the emotion, the stories and the pre-race jitters.

7. Finally standing in Union Square with 20,000 other people the morning of the event and knowing that you are all connected in a remarkable way.

6. The sea of TNT purple – Honorees, supporters, teammates, mentors, captains and coaches. Someone is always there when the going gets tough!

5. Two words: Chocolate Mile.

4. The firemen in tuxedos at the finish with those little blue Tiffany boxes.

3. Crossing the finish line! The exhilaration of realizing you did it and then the hugs from friends at the finish.  And, of course, the after stories.

2. Knowing that you helped raise millions of dollars for the cause and thinking of all the lives that money will save.

1. Realizing that the people around you are giving everything they have, physically and emotionally, to save people they don’t even know. That’s paying it forward in a big way.

Don’t miss out on this remarkable event on October 16th! Team In Training has a few spots left for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Call us at 800-78-TRAIN or email us at for details.


About Megan Kilkenny

LLS Sr. Director, Marketing Communication Team In Training Alum Three-time Nike Women's Half Marathon finisher
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