The Learning Collaborative: Bridging the time and resource gap

In an effort to get new treatments to patients with rare blood cancers faster, LLS has partnered with the NIH and and several other nonprofits to improve the drug development process. Something that really hasn’t been done before.

For its first project, The Learning Collaborative (TLC), is looking at an arthritis drug called auranofin to see if can be used to treat patients with relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). CLL is a challenging disease because patients eventually reach a point where they no longer respond to chemotherapy. Auranofin could give CLL patients a reasonably safe and effective treatment alternative to chemo.

What’s particularly exciting about auranofin is the fact that it already has regulatory approval. So if it can be repurposed for CLL, it can be fast-tracked to patients. We are talking two years to mass production, as opposed to 10-15! And that’s great news for CLL patients.

For more information about The Learning Collaborative, visit


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